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There is one of the most beautiful places of Yekaterinburg’s vicinities which is situated on the picturesque slope, leading to the sandy beach of the lake, in the pine forest, under the shadow of the huge pines and branchy lime trees and occupied by the “Zhukovskie dachi”cottage health complex.

There were 4 stands of people, living at the lithic and copper ages here, on the north and east riverside. The area of ancient man’s stands is marked by a stone which is a stela in immediate proximity to the territory of the complex. Still nesting sites of birds and animals’ refuges, unknown to dwellers of the megalopolis, are hidden in the palces. The Iset river rises here. Here, on the ireland of the Shitovskoye lake, is a country of Georgiy Konstantinovich Zhukov for recreation and solitude. More than that, today therapeutic muds are produced here, which are used in the cosmetology and medicine.

The “Zhukovskie dachi” health complex is a project which is unique in its kind. The place of its location has an exceptional combination of nearby toYekaterinburg and primordial virginal nature.

The unique of cottage location is added by the european conception of reclamation and development of the “Zhukovskie dachi” complex which is the perfectly organized territory with a splendid option of services and infrastructure for full-fledge living!

There are 3 sections sorted out:

The first one is a sector of cottages, that is a sector of private housingswith a plot of arable lands. The land belongs to the natural or legal persons. The sector consists of ten lands.

The second one is a sector of private aprtments.

There are 24 apartments of the standart class situated in the “Izumrud”housing; there are 12 apartments of the premium class situated in the “Rubin” housing. The apartments will be for sale to natural and legal persons. The third sector is one of the “Almaz” hotel complex, around which the first and second ones are fixed.

The “Almaz” project is a realization of conceptionally new trend of the hotel industry and presents a project of regularly operating comfort out-of-town hotel and training cetre modernized with infrastructure of the business-formation and recreation. This is a hotel complex, which is up to the international standards of quality of service and it includes a restaurant with a large (25 seats) and a small banquet rooms, a bar, a large and a small conference-halls, an indoor pool of 25 m, a fitness hall and a hall with fitness simulators, a SPA, a centre with health promotion programs and therapeutic mud baths.

The neibourhood of three real estates of different types affects the level of comfort of the dwellers favourably and cuts the operating costs.

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